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Medipod specialises in products combating fungal, bacterial and other skin infections that affect the feet, footwear, sports gear and can contaminate virtually any fabric. Infections and contamination usually make themselves known by unpleasant smells. Some can even cause irritating infections that might need medical intervention. We offer a three-pronged solution. Feel free to browse our website and online store for all your requirements.

Foot Repair Cream

This two-minute foot spa in a tube applied after washing, eliminates bacteria and odour, provides a barrier against fungal infections, exfoliates dead skin and moisturises and strengthens. This 4-in-1 action has made Medipod’s Foot Repair Cream a favourite of many specialists in foot care.


Bacterial and fungal infections keep coming back: they resist normal laundry, even using hot water.  FungiSolve eliminates fungi and bacteria and the odours they cause. It prevents re-contamination in sports shoes and socks, cycling chammies, sports gear, underwear and in any washable fabric. It can also be used to swab down floors and carpeting which might harbour fungal infection.

FungiSolve for Pets’ Stuff

Vets asked us to develop a product which will safely decontaminate pet blankets, mattresses and clothing. Diluted, this cleans baskets and can swab down floors frequented by pets. It deodorises, eliminates E. coli and parvovirus, and prevents ringworm and other infections: a boon for all pet owners and professionals running kennels and catteries. It is NOT a pet shampoo, and must not be applied directly to animals.

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