Medipod Foot Repair Cream was Medipod’s first breakthrough, now widely used by podiatrists, dermatologists and beauty therapists throughout South Africa and overseas.

Karin Brückner, a Cape Town podiatrist and Medipod founder, devised the product after many requests from patients for an all-in-one cream. Regularly used, Medipod moisturises, gently exfoliates, helps eliminate bacteria and fungi, and deodorises.

Complementing this is the company’s product, FungiSolve.

As a therapist dealing with foot infections daily, Karin Brückner realised that fungal and bacterial infections often return, even after successful treatment with creams or drugs. Bacteria or fungi cling to shoes, socks, underwear, sports clothes, leotards, gym clothes, towels, floor mats and linen. Bacteria or fungi even survives long washes in hot water with detergents.

With leading scientists, Karin developed FungiSolve, a concentrated, economical laundry solution that decontaminates any materials, even in cold water.

In SABS tests, FungiSolve has been shown to be a potent decontaminator. Scientific tests have shown that FungiSolve will not damage cloth, dye colour or stitching of expensive sports shoes and clothes.

Karin Brückner released her latest product in 2013 called FungiSolve for Pets Stuff. Its aim is to protect pregnant women and families from recontamination of infections caused by pets who spread bacteria and fungus. It eliminates odours and bacteria in pet accessories by decontamination and cleans pet mess off floors and communal surfaces.

A list of some of the diseases that FungiSolve for Pets Stuff eliminates (we have test results on closely-related species) are as follows;
Canine parvovirus (Parvovirus)
Canine distemper (Paramyxovirus)
Canine and cat influenza (Influenza virus)
Feline coronavirus (coronavirus)
Kennel cough (Bordetella bronchiseptica)
Blastomycosis (fungal)
Cryptococcosis (fungal)
Ringworm (fungal)
Aspergillosis (fungal)

Warning: This is not a pet shampoo.