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9 03, 2014

Get rid of sea odours in your sport gear


Having a sea contact sport the sea can unfortunately leave your gear smelling really bad. Because you are always in the sea you can never get rid of the smell. Well we have a solution for you to get rid of that sea odour in [...]

Get rid of sea odours in your sport gear2014-05-10T17:47:24+02:00
6 03, 2014

Runner’s feet


After recently setting up a FREE Foot Massage tent at the  Milkwood Run, we realised that alot of runners don't look after there feet. They want to be pampered but possible don't have the time. Here's a bit of knowledge on how fungal infections start: [...]

Runner’s feet2014-05-10T17:48:21+02:00
19 02, 2014

Bacteria causes odour, FungiSolve gets rid of bacteria!


No matter how often you shower or how clean your home is, you can't help but to coexist with bacteria. They live on your skin and in your body, but don't try to eradicate them all however. The right balance of friendly bacteria can help [...]

Bacteria causes odour, FungiSolve gets rid of bacteria!2014-05-10T17:43:44+02:00
14 02, 2014


Embrace bare feet this Valentines Day Many celebrities have been known to embrace bare feet.  Recently at a Fashion Week presentation, a bare-footed Katie Holmes urged fashion editors to take their shoes off, saying that her own feet hurt. The initial response in the fashion [...]

13 02, 2014

Love your feet, give them a healthy start


People often neglect the most important part of their body, their feet.  The constant pressure they are under, carrying your whole body weight for up to 10,000 steps a day!  Here is some advice on how to learn to love your feet and keep them [...]

Love your feet, give them a healthy start2014-05-10T17:41:50+02:00