Medipod Foot Repair Cream

A cooling, refreshing foot cream, the next best thing to a visit to a podiatrist. Rub it into your feet and other dry areas, and you will be walking on peppermint-scented air. A 4-in-1 cream treatment: moisturises, exfoliates, combats fungi and deodorises.

Medipod’s Foot Repair & Treatment Cream was developed by Karin Brückner, podiatrist, after many requests from patients to recommend a daily foot cream to moisturise, exfoliate and strengthen skin, as well as combat fungi and bacteria and the odours these infections cause.

“I found there were no products that meet all these 4 needs, and I set about researching, formulating and testing. Medipod contains lactic acid, a natural exfoliate, tea tree oil to combat bacteria and fungi, urea and vitamin E to preserve skin moisture and elasticity, in a peppermint base that cools and refreshes.”

4-in-1-iconMedipod is widely used by podiatrists, dermatologists and beauty therapists as an all-round foot balm.

It saves so much time! In a 2-minute application, your feet feel rejuvenated. It’s like a foot spa in a tube, and your feet smell good enough to eat. But it’s not just a cosmetic; your feet are left fungus-free and with regular use, rough, dead skin is exfoliated, and cracked, dry heels are repaired.

• Gently exfoliates and strengthens skin.
• Combats fungi and bacteria and the odours these cause.
• Preserves moisture content of skin, maintains ideal pH balance.
• Cools and refreshes with a zingy peppermint fragrance.

 INGREDIENTS: Lactic Acid, Urea, Vitamin E, Tea Tree Oil.