As a therapist dealing with foot infections daily, Karin Brückner realised that fungal and bacterial infections often return, even after successful treatment with creams or drugs. Bacteria or fungi cling to shoes, socks, underwear, sports clothes, leotards, gym clothes, towels, floor mats and linen, and even survive long washes in hot water with detergents.

With leading scientists, Karin developed FungiSolve, a concentrated, economical laundry solution that decontaminates any materials, even in cold water, in washing or soaking.

2-in-1In SABS tests, FungiSolve has been shown to be a potent decontaminator. Scientific tests have shown that FungiSolve will not damage cloth, dye colour or stitching of expensive sports shoes and clothes.

60% of people suffer from skin infections of the feet and/or toenails. These can also affect other parts of the body. Fungi and bacteria cling to materials, causing odour. FungiSolve stops reinfection in athlete’s foot and other similar infections.

What are the uses and benefits of FungiSolve?

  • Use it to treat shoes, socks, and floor mats to prevent recontamination of infections.
  • Decontaminate odour-causing bacteria and eliminate odour on sports apparel.
  • Floors, communal surfaces and showers are easily decontaminated.
  • Prevent and remove candida infections: underwear, leotards, cycling shorts, bikinis etc…
  • Use on towels, floor mats, sheets and pillowcases to decontaminate fabric, even in cold water.
  • FungiSolve disinfects and decontaminates, kills bacteria and fungi, and the unpleasant odours these cause. Proved effective by the SA Bureau of Standards (SABS).
  • Better than prolonged hot washing – won’t damage expensive sports clothes, running shoes or affect dye colours. Tested by scientists.
  • Economical: Works in cold water. Concentrate is diluted 10ml to a litre. Can be used in washing machines