FungiSolve for Pets Stuff concentrate is the FIRST laundry disinfectant for pets bedding and accessories, as well as a potent surface cleaner for pet mess.

FungiSolve for Pets Stuff kills all pathogens as well as fungal spores, which are very resistant to treatment such as ringworm. All you have to do is put your pet accessories into the washing machine with 50ml of FungiSolve for Pets Stuff concentrate, no other detergent must be used.

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Alternatively, soaking pet accessories in a solution of 1:10 for 10 minutes in a bucket. No residue is left when the fabric has been rinsed and dried. FungiSolve for Pets Stuff can be used as a pre-wash treatment in the washing machine if the laundry is badly stained and then washed normally, rinsed and dried. It has passed strict laboratory tests and has SABS approval for many pathogens relating to the veterinary industry.

FungiSolve for Pets Stuff is biodegradable and non-toxic, when the area has been rinsed, and does no damage to wood, fibres and fabric. You can use it in a spray bottle, but keep it at a distance from eyes and nose. For best results use in a dilution of 1:10 solution with a mop and bucket (½ bucket = 50ml) to clean surfaces.

Download the pdf below to find out more about fungal and bacterial pathogens caused by pets that FungiSolve for Pets Stuff eliminates.