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Testimonials from medical practitioners: 

“I recommend FungiSolve to all my patients to decontaminate their shoes”. ~ David (Sports Podiatrist)

“I would not perform laser treatment for fungal nail infections without also recommending the use of Fungisolve to prevent re-infection and assure a better long-term result.” ~ Anette (Podiatrist)

Easy as 1-2-3

  1. Loosen measuring chamber cap on the special Fungisolve dispenser. Squeeze bottle gently to fill to the required volume. Avoid skin or eye contact with the concentrate.
  2. Mix solution of one part of FungiSolve to 100 parts of clean water (10ml to each litre). DO NOT ADD ANY OTHER DETERGENTS WHEN USING FUNGISOLVE.
  3. Soak the garments, shoes or linen in FungiSolve solution for a minimum of 20 minutes, and then rinse out. Dry garments before wearing. Garments can be laundered after treatment.


  1. Removes bacteria causing odour in your sports gear
  2. Eliminates fungi and bacteria on all surfaces
  3. Decontaminates athletic shoes, everyday shoes… Any shoes
  4. Prevents fungal reinfection in: gym-wear, cycling pants, leotards, towels, floor mats, showers, bed linen, socks…
  5. No damage to technical garments and does not change colour of fabric. As gentle as distilled water on fabric.


Prevent recurrence and spread of:

  1. Athlete’s foot, toenail infections, fungal toenails
  2. Candida infections (thrush), jock itch
  3. A range of foot and skin infections

Force them out in the wash!

Why use FungiSolve

  1. FungiSolve™ disinfects and decontaminates materials safely, killing almost all the nasties causing athlete’s foot, nail infections and a range of skin and foot infections.
  2. Due to decontamination FungiSolve eliminates the unpleasant odours often harboured by technical apparel. FungiSolve™ will not damage or coat the fibres of expensive running shoes or sportswear.
  3. Economical: As effective in cold water as prolonged washing at 70˚ C, without the damage to your clothes, shoes or electricity bill.

How to use FungiSolve on your CLOTHES

How to use FungiSolve on your SHOES

How to use FungiSolve on your TRAINERS

Medipod – FungiSolve WASHING MACHINE

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