Medipod specialises in products combating viral (corona virus tested) fungal, bacterial infections that affect us and not only our feet. Contaminated clothing, footwear, sports gear virtually any fabric can be decontaminated in the washing machine on a cold wash. With the present concern we recommend that any contaminated clothing linen or equipment is cleaned with a 1:100 solution of FungiSolve.

Bacterial Infections and contamination usually make themselves known by unpleasant smells. Some can even cause irritating infections that might need medical intervention. We offer a three-pronged solution. Feel free to browse our website and online store for all your requirements.

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Germfogger Fungisolve disinfectant aerosol fogger.

400ml dispenser, positioned in a prepared room, released and vacated for a min of 60 minutes.

Germfogger decontaminates all surfaces against a broad spectrum of germs. 99.9% effective against viruses, bacteria, and fungi including spores.

  • Tested and certified effective against viruses including coronavirus
  • To be used as a decontaminant all surfaces
  • No need to wipe off surfaces unless used to prepare food
  • Effective within 60 minutes
  • Once off application
  • Non-corrosive
  • Safe to use on equipment when switched off
  • Used in a closed vacated room


  • Close all windows
  • Remove dirt on surfaces
  • Switch off electricity, and disconnect electrical equipment
  • Cover medical supplies
  • Remove eating utensils
  • Open cupboards where you want the Germfogger to reach
  • Remove clothing or rinse clothing after treatment
  • Close cupboards securely if contents needs to be protected.
  • Place Germfogger in the centre of the room
  • Activate and leave the room. Closing the door.
  • Allow 60 min before entering again as the fog needs to settle on all surfaces
  • Avoid contact with eyes or inhaling the fog.
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FungiSolve as a disinfectant Also anti corona virus tested.

Fungisolve is a novel disinfectant. It is a highly effective disinfectant, yet it has a very low toxicity,extreamy stable when diluted and biodegrades. It is the least toxic disinfectant in the market. There is substantial scientific information to support the claims of low toxicity, and the efficacy of Fungisolve against a wide range of viruses and other pathogens.

FungiSolve diluted 1;100 and put into a spray bottle can be sprayed on all possible contaminated surfaces. There is no need to rinse the areas cleaned, unless the surface is used for food preparation.

Due to the present corona virus pandemic FungiSolve is the go to product to decontaminate all surfaces in your home. FungiSolve is also non corrosive and biodegradable , and is very cost effective. .  It can also be used to swab down floors and carpeting which might harbour infection.

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detergent for sports clothes

SportsWash Also anti corona virus tested.

Is your sports gear smelly before your work out? SportWash is the go-to product to use to eliminate odour.

Odour is created by bacteria that harbours in the fibres of technical gear. No ordinary washing detergent will eliminate the bacteria that SportsWash can.

SportsWash can be used on all sports apparel, sports equipment, like yoga mats, boxing gloves as well as all surfaces and floors.

SportsWash is ideal for Wetsuits to decontaminate them for multiple use, it is even 100% effective in saltwater.

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foot repair cream

Foot Repair Cream

This two-minute foot spa in a tube applied after washing, preferably a quick all round application before going to bed, eliminates bacteria and odour, provides a barrier  for the next 24 hours .You will be protected from  fungal infections Foot Repair Cream also , exfoliates dead skin and moisturises and strengthens the skin to prevent repeated heel cracks .This 4-in-1 action has made Medipod’s Foot Repair Cream a favorite of many specialists in foot care.

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FungiSolve for Pets’ Stuff Effective against Parvovirus

Not to be used on animals directly

Vets asked us to develop a product which will safely decontaminate pet blankets, mattresses and clothing. Diluted, in a washing machine it cleans baskets, great for all horse blankets and paraphernalia in the equestrian arena.

Great to  swab down floors frequented by pets. It deodorises, eliminates E. coli and parvovirus, and prevents ringworm and other infections: a boon for all pet owners and professionals running kennels and catteries and equestrian establishments.  It is NOT a pet shampoo, and must not be applied directly to animals.

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