Protect your family from germs

  1. Always wash your hands when…
    • Using the bathroom
    • Touching raw meat, raw eggs, or unwashed vegetables
    • Before preparing food and after eating
    • Handling pets
    • Being around people who are sick
    • Getting saliva (spit) on your hands
    • Caring for and playing with children
    • Changing diapers
If soap and running water are not available, you can use alcohol-based hand gel.
Always wash in FungiSolve…

  • Make sure you use FungiSolve to wash basins, toilets and showers/baths
  • Clean your kitchen sink, floors, table surfers and fridges with FungiSolve to get rid of bacteria from raw meat and food bacteria
  • Clean pet accessories such as beds, toys and surfaces with FungiSolve for Pet Stuffs to decontaminate and prevent the spread of germs carried by pets

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