“Any clothing, towelling or shoes that give off an odour should be washed in FungiSolve. My wife and patients use the products and the feedback is always good. Most find the difference in the first wash! If your an athlete, every doctor should subscribe FungiSolve to decontaminate shoes and socks.”

– Dr De Klerk (Doctor, GP)

“If I do anything on a client’s feet, I always end the treatment with a massage using Medipod Repair and Treatment Cream. It’s a wonderful way to end any treatment; it’s not greasy, and has a bracing peppermint scent. Many clients walk out with a tube to take home, and I notice the good that it does to their feet when I see them again. I use it myself, too.”

– Sylvia Burlack (Salon owner, beautician)

“I think Medipod Repair and Treatment Cream is fantastic. A tube lasts me a whole month, but I sometimes panic as it runs out! Before using the cream, I had to regularly have hard skin on my feet cut off, but Medipod keeps my feet soft and healthy. I even use it on my hands.”

– Dianne Omrad (Estate agent owner)

“Three years ago I had to seek treatment for a wart on my heel. My podiatrist said it might have started when the skin cracked, which can harbour fungal infections. I started using Medipod cream regularly, and since then my heels have not been cracked and I have had no more problems. But just to be sure, I have started washing my pantyhose and shoes with FungiSolve, which wipes out a range of infective agents that can come back to cause trouble.”

– Heather van Wyk (Company executive)

“For years I struggled with athlete’s foot. My wife bought all sorts of creams and powders, but it just always came back. After one treatment, where a small tube of cream cost me R80, my GP advised me to wash all my socks and shoes in FungiSolve, and my podiatrist advised using Medipod cream daily, before going to bed. I have never had such healthy feet, and I routinely wash my running shoes, yachting shoes and all my socks in FungiSolve.”

– Anthony Foster (Civil Engineer and keen yachtsman)

“For years I have taught swimming at an indoor swimming pool. Until recently I constantly suffered from fungal infections between my toes. Now, in my kitbag, I keep a tube of Medipod foot cream and I apply it at least twice a day. It keeps the athlete’s foot at bay.”

– Allan She (Professional swimming coach)

“I recently travelled to India and explored all temples and baths barefoot. I applied my Medipod foot repair daily and it protected me from all infections. I will not travel without it again, thanks to my podiatrist.”

– Tessa Redman

” FungiSolve has allowed the sports shoes my teenager wears back into the house. They now get washed regularly in FungiSolve.”

– Beverly Cuirot

“Being a diabetic for many years, I have relied on Medipod to prevent any skin and nail related complications. My physician always compliments me on the health of my feet, I am never without Medipod.”

– Henk De Beer

“It’s easy: I wash my sports gear, cycling shorts and towels with FungiSolve in the washing machine after training. I have never had to throw away my expensive kit due to the pong it used to develop over time. Using Medipod is so much better and cheaper in the long run.”

– Tim Willkins

“Testimonial for Medipod Fungisolve anti-fungal anti-bacterial solution. In order to effectively interrupt the cycle of infection and re-infection, I can endorse the use of Fungisolve in footwear, hosiery and all household surfaces that
may contact a foot infected with fungus. For treatment purposes, this should be used in conjunction with standard oral or topical medications. Once infection has
been resolved, Fungisolve should be used as prophylaxis against reinfection, Since Fungisolve is an effective anti-bacterial, it is very useful in neutralising odourcausing
debris inside shoes and hosiery. I believe that Fungisolve should be considered an essential element of foot antifungal
treatment and hope to see this product available in retail pharmacies.”

Podiatrist Anette Thompson